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Test Equipment

Wing Guard

The Wing Guard Battery Fail Monitoring System is designed to monitor the status of a single battery string. The method used is ‘battery midpoint voltage monitoring’.

Wing Watch

The Wing Watch-Lite is design mainly for small system backup batteries monitoring purpose. In general systems installed inside street cabinet or BTS (mobile base stations) are the design targets.


Construction Features

  • Optimal capacities available
  • Compact construction 12 year life
  • EUROBAT high performance
  • EN60896-2 compliant
  • High charge efficiency

Technical Features

  • International standard footprint
  • No topping up
  • VRLA (valve regulated lead acid)
  • FV0 flame retardant casing

Standards and Certification

  • No special shipping requirements
  • Non Hazardous goods see
  • IATA/ICAO EN60896-2-UL certification
  • Deutsche Telecom TL4423-06OGIV
  • VDS Certification