• Battcheck

    Your personalized assistant for battery and rack calculation the BATTCHECK battery calculation assistant is designed to help you calculate the optimal battery configuration for your UPS or other power system.

  • Wing Batteries

    Wing batteries are designed for stationary applications and are completely maintenance free. Wing accumulators are successfully used for the several applications as UPS Systems, Telecom, Maritime purposes, Alarm systems, Emergency lighting, Golf trolleys and Medical equipment

Construction Features

  • Optimal capacities available
  • Compact construction 12 year life
  • EUROBAT high performance
  • EN60896-2 compliant
  • High charge efficiency

Technical Features

  • International standard footprint
  • No topping up
  • VRLA (valve regulated lead acid)
  • FV0 flame retardant casing

Standards and Certification

  • No special shipping requirements
  • Non Hazardous goods see
  • IATA/ICAO EN60896-2-UL certification
  • Deutsche Telecom TL4423-06OGIV
  • VDS Certification

  This battery is designed for the telecom market and with the challenges in mind to change space and capacity. The 5GPL5048 product is so advanced that you can simply switch your lead acid batteries for this lithium module. Just connect the cables, turn on power – and walk away. Due to the special dimensions […]