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UPS Batteries – New Product Line

We have develop new product line in the Wing family range. The UPS range is specially made for discharging on a high rate base within a short time.

With the six models you can cover most of the UPS/Backup systems requirements.

Technical Specifications:

  • 10-12 Year Long-Life Design, Valve regulated Battery
  • High performance according to Eurobat Classification
  • Maximum charge efficiency
  • 100% Recyclable
  • High gas recombination efficiency
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Easy handling
  • Easy installation in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Standards: IEC 60896-21 = VRLA methods of standards, IEC 60896-22 = VRLA requirements, JIS C8702-1/2:2009, installation compliant with EN50272-2, ISO 9001/2008

They are excellent suitable for the following applications:

UPS, Data Center, Generator

Construction Features

  • Optimal capacities available
  • Compact construction 12 year life
  • EUROBAT high performance
  • EN60896-2 compliant
  • High charge efficiency

Technical Features

  • International standard footprint
  • No topping up
  • VRLA (valve regulated lead acid)
  • FV0 flame retardant casing

Standards and Certification

  • No special shipping requirements
  • Non Hazardous goods see
  • IATA/ICAO EN60896-2-UL certification
  • Deutsche Telecom TL4423-06OGIV
  • VDS Certification